Water Supply of the Charter Estate Primary School

The first large-scale project of Felistas Afrika-Hilfe Kempen is to improve the water supply for the elementary school in Zimbabwe. The old corrugated metal tank was rusted through and could only be filled with a maximum of 1,500 liters of water.
For $ 3,000, two new 5,000-liter tanks were assembled with the associated scaffolding. 
On Sunday, July 22th 2013, the tanks were installed. However, several times the operation has to be postponed for political events near the school. Formally we put it into operation because otherwise simply no fresh water was available anymore. The new tanks are not only the water storage of the school, but also of the whole community.
In the summer of 2014, the old pump was out of orderl and the new tanks were no longer to be filled. With funds from the association in November 2014, a new pump was procured. The old riser and the pipes to the tanks were activated and in November 2014, the new plant was successfully in operation.

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